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Alberta Association of Architects Saskatchewan Association of Architects Manitoba Associaton of Architects

Attabotics HQ
Calgary, Alberta

Category: Interior Design
Architect: Modern Office of Design + Architecture Owner/Client: ATTAbotics
Interior Designer: MODA
Structural Engineer: Wolsey Structural Engineering
Mechanical Engineer: AME Engineering
Electrical Engineer: SMP Engineering
Contractor: 3D Interiors
Photographer: Britta Kokemor Photography

Jury Comments

This project, designed and executed with a tight budget, is wonderfully theatrical and inventive. It creates an office space by constructing ephemeral ‘pavilions’ of varying opacities, depending on the program, hung throughout a double height ‘courtyard’ and surrounded by related office functions. It has an economy of means derived from adapting an existing space and by designing and fabricating interior ‘pavilion’ and spaces utilizing materials that uphold principles of circular design (Cradle to Cradle) and DfD (Design for Disassembly). The parabolic forms and the careful use of lighting throughout, offer a sensory experience uncommon to an office setting that is at once uplifting and forward-looking, consistent with the client’s technological ambitions.

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