The Prairie Design Awards are presented in cooperation between:

Alberta Association of Architects Saskatchewan Association of Architects Manitoba Associaton of Architects

The 2020 Awards

The Manitoba Association of Archtects (MAA), Saskatchewan Association of Architects (SAA) and the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA) have collectively agreed that the 2020 Prairie Design Awards should be cancelled, in recognition of:

• the inability to host large gatherings anytime in the foreseeable future, due to the pandemic, which makes a physical awards ceremony impossible; and

• the evolving economic impact on all of the respective member firms, which would make it difficult for many, if not all, to assemble submissions for an awards program in the midst of these challenges.

The Associations have collectively agreed that, in light of the rotation that has been consistently maintained between the three jurisdictions since the inaugural year, the MAA will host the Prairie Design Awards in 2022.

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