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Castle Downs Park Pavilion
Edmonton, Alberta

Category: Small Projects
Project Owner: City of Edmonton
Architect/Interior Designer/Landscape Architect of Record: gh3
Structural Consultant: Chernenko Engineering
Mechanical Consultant: Vital Engineering
Electrical Consultant: AB Electrical Engineering
Contractor: Krawford Construction
Additional Consultants: Not Stated

Jury Comments

The castle downs park pavilion was unanimously selected as a top selection in the small projects category. The innovative use of a consistent material in a fun an playful way created an exciting gathering spot and new benchmark for a typically banal typology of the public park washroom facility. The building both stands out due to its sawtooth form and shiny cladding and simultaneously disappears into the park with its mirror like reflective qualities.

Celebration of a place because of small architectural interventions that make them and the activity important - quality of materials reflects the sky.

An interesting thought about material and reflection and refraction that plays with distorting the often flat horizon where land meets sky.

A rare exuberance for the suburban public park which delivers the art of architecture to an otherwise banal program: a City storage and washroom facility. Reflective steel panels are arranged along a folded plane, skylights above washrooms. All the decisions made by the architects provide visual delight to the users, and that's significant as many of these kinds of projects are relegated to bargain basement thinking.

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