Award of Merit

tiny + heritage + green = home
Regina, Saskatchewan

Category: Interior Design
Architect: Bernard Flaman
Owner/Client: Bernard Flaman
Contractor: St. Amand Studio

The Project

Located at the Bartleman Apartment building (constructed in 1914 as rental accommodation for middle class tenants), this 450 sq.ft. unit was originally designed by the prolific Regina architectural firm of Storey and Van Egmond. The original plans indicate that the small units built without kitchens were intended for "young gentlemen" who were not expected to cook for themselves. The irregular overall footprint of the Bartleman, which includes a courtyard, allows for natural light in every room.

The small size of the unit combined with a minimal intervention approach and use of reclaimed materials both from within the apartment and elsewhere combine good heritage conservation practices with sustainable design by minimizing waste and the use of new resources.

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