Award of Excellence

Movement Disorder Clinic
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: Cohlmeyer Architects Limited
Owner/Client: Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
Structural Engineer: Crosier Kilgour &Partners Ltd.
Mechanical Engineer: G.D Stasynec &Associates Ltd.
Electrical Engineer: PC Engineering Ltd.
Contractor: Bockstael Construction (1979) Ltd.
Photographer: Cohlmeyer Architects Limited

The Project

The Women's Tribute Memorial Lodge was constructed in 1931 to provide recreational and social services to veterans of the First World War. As its initial purpose became obsolete with time, it was used as a Legion Hall until its eventual abandonment in the early 1990s.

An addition and complete rehabilitation has transformed the building for use as a Movement Disorder Clinic, a new program of Deer Lodge Hospital. The Clinic's design emerges from a mediation of elements; between existing and new, inside and outside, traditional and modern.

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